Finesse is an Initiative in making the best Hospitality & Wellness professionals in the world, empowering enthusiastic young women & men by giving wings to their dreams. At Finesse. The training provides each student with Knowledge, Skill & Attitude require to achieve success in personal & professional life. A strong and experienced team with training experience in Education Industry with market leaders to offer the top quality Training at the best-guaranteed price.

Studying in the Finesse Institute is a great opportunity , open doors to a successful career in the Aviation, Hospitality and Wellness industry – we have the largest number of internship and employment opportunities for students.

Finesse Institute offers training that has been specifically designed for the modern hospitality & wellness student. Our programs are built to propel our students into the next level of their careers offering practical experiences in leading hospitality & wellness properties. In addition, students increase their knowledge about Management and entrepreneurship all while focusing their studies with specialized Aviation, hospitality & wellness modules, learning more about what they are truly passionate about.
Furthermore, Finesse Institute is one of the leading training institute in India and its academic model, based on experimental learning , is one of the best in india.



“To create socially responsible leaders & attain global standards in the field of Hospitality & Wellness Training”

Salient Features


“Learning at Finesse Institute of Hospitality & Wellness Management is an rejuvenating journey that allows to learn the essential core industry insight and develops the overall personality to meet the challenges at global level”
FIHW is guided by a focused mission and vision which dwells upon holistic development. Our objective is to nurture the students and help them acquire requisite knowledge, skills and attitude which are prerequisites to have competitive edge in the global business environment. The skill enhancement in student is an ongoing process right from the first day in the institute.
Finesse Institute of Hospitality & Wellness  impart quality education by including innovative courses & creating friendly environment.
It has been consistently said that — the quality of leadership greatly influences the individual’s growth and we at Finesse Institute of Hospitality & Wellness believe in giving a strong impulse to our students that can impart them with the competence to turn vision into reality.

I believe that the students completing various courses at Finesse Institute of Hospitality & Wellness will not only have ample job opportunities in India & abroad but can also look forward to becoming an entrepreneur.

Pre Placement Training


We are here for you

Let our Career Guidance Specialists connect with you to create the perfect program for your career development.

Resume Making

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Learn how to excel in any job interview with our professional interview preparation services.


We are here for you
Let our Career Guidance Specialists connect with you to create the perfect program for your career development.


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Receive exclusive job openings, invitations to webinars, events and career fairs to network with Aviation,Hospitality & Wellness professionals.


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